Rules and Additional Information

General Info:

  • There will be a few brief announcements and instructions at 8:00 AM before the race start. This will be at Whiterock’s Main River campground.

  • Bikes will be staged at the Star Field Campground area

  • Boats will be staged at the Riverside Park access point on the North East corner of Coon rapids, Iowa.

  • This is an open start so racers may begin anytime between 8:00-10:00AM. If you intend to win, we suggest starting closer to 8:00AM. 

  • Race cutoff time is 5:00 pm.  Individuals and teams arriving after 5:00pm will find the event volunteers enjoying themselves and relaxing.

  • We will recognize category and event winners as soon after 5:00 pm as possible or after all teams are off the course, whichever is earlier.

  • All individuals and teams members must sign the liability waiver and have their bicycle and boats at the proper staging points before starting the race.

  • Teams must find all 3 checkpoints during the scramble.

  • Teams must stay within 100 feet of each other at all times.  No exceptions.  (1 hour penalty)

  • Make a plan for your gear, and how you will stage it.

  • Littering on the course will result in disqualification.  

  • There will be water available at both the riverside and star field campgrounds and potentially at other points on the course.

  • All participants are required to have a fully charged cell phone in a water proof case the entire race.

  • Racers are REQUIRED to provide assistance to other teams requesting emergency help.

  • The race director reserves the right to alter the course before and during the event based on course conditions.

  • This event will proceed rain or shine. In the event of poor conditions the backup plan is to eliminate all singletrack sections. We have plenty of gravel and farm trail options to get you to where you need to be.

  • If you need to drop from the race for any reason, notify one of the race directors or transition area volunteers.  DO NOT JUST LEAVE.  We want to make sure everyone is safe and accounted for.

  • Any team that leaves a team member along the course will be automatically disqualified.

  • Expected Duration: 5 hour average = 10 minutes for the axe, 1 hour for the scramble, 1-2 hour bike, 2 hour float, 30 minute fire



Axe/hatchet Throwing:

  • Throwing axes and targets will be provided.

  • You may bring a personal axe but the handle length must not exceed 18 inches.

  • You are not required to carry your personal axe during the rest of the race.

  • Check out Ironside Axe Club in West Des Moines. They sell axes, have various opportunities to throw and can certainly recommend the right tool for the job.

  • If you have never done this before we recommend trying it first. A practice target or two will be available the evening before.



  • Racers must have a PFD on BEFORE starting the paddling leg, and must keep it on at all times while on the water.  Any racer not wearing a PFD while paddling will result in individual or team disqualification.

  • At the end of the paddling section, you are required to immediately move your boat from the landing area to a location that does not impact or participants or as directed by race officials.

  • Personal PFDs, paddles, and watercraft may be used.  You will be not be required to carry personal paddling gear the duration of the race.  Leave Personal PFDs and paddles at the Riverside park staging location Saturday Morning.

  • Please drop your kayak and paddle gear at the race.  We will have personnel there starting at 6:00AM to watch your boats.



  • Helmets and a rear light are required for the biking section.

  • Racers must wear a helmet at all times while biking.

  • Obey the rules of the road at all times.  Roads are open to public traffic!!  Use caution.

  • Ride with your rear tail light ON.

  • There will be a short section of gravel, challenging singletrack, farm doubletrack trails, cinder trail, and a small section of pavement near the end.



  • This will be a timed event.

  • One of our sponsors has provided 4 identical solostoves that will be available on a first come basis.

  • We will limit the time to 30 minutes max to keep things moving.

  • The goal is to burn through a piece of bailing twine at a set height of 18 inches. 

  • Individual and teams are allowed one non-combustible fire starting kit per team or individual racer for the fire building contest. This is not a complete list of excluded items but you can assume that if it has combustible fuel it will not be allowed.

    • Excluded items: Lighters, matches, cotton balls soaked in Vaseline, magnesium blocks, alcohol, etc.

    • Recommended Items: Magnifying glass, bow drill, flint & steel (considered one item including char cloth), etc.

  • You are not required to carry the fire item during the rest of the race but must declare the item at the at the fire check-in.

  • All other fire materials and kindling must be collected during your moving time or fire time.

  • We recommend bringing a waterproof bag or container to store the collected materials in.

Final Scoring:

  • Axe total points after ten throws x 2 = negative time (Total points = 25, take 50 minutes off total time)

  • Scramble = actual time

  • Bike = actual time

  • Kayak = actual time/2

  • Fire = actual time x 2

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