5 Challenges

The 5 challenges of the White Bison can be completed solo, tandem or with a team. The Event will start at Whiterock's Riverside Campground with Axe Throwing. 


Once your score has been recorded your moving time will begin including the scramble, bike and paddle sections and will end once you return to the Riverside Campground and check in.


The final fire challenge will be timed separately and will begin immediately after your riverside check in or as fire ring space becomes available.

Bikes (Star Field) and boats (Riverside Park in Coon Rapids) must be transported to the staging areas prior to starting the challenge.

double axe.jpg

Axe Throwing

Who doesn't like starting their day with throwing sharp objects. This challenge will be your first task for the day. Standard WATL rules and scoring will be multiplied and subtracted from your total moving time for final scoring. We will provide a targets and a throwing axe or tomahawk with your registration but feel free to bring your own,  

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This is a footrace to several checkpoints. Run, hike or climb. You choose the pace and route to reach the checkpoints as fast as possible. About 5 miles and plenty of climb, eventually ending at Whiterock's Star Field. 

Mountain Bike.jpg


Whiterock Conservancy has 30+ miles of trail. Our challenge takes you on about 15 miles of mixed surface bike riding including gravel roads , singletrack, double track, crushed stone and blacktop. We recomend a mountain bike or fatbike but any offroad capable bike will do.



Enjoy or punish yourself on an 8 mile Paddle on the middle Raccoon river from Riverside Park in Coon Rapids to Whiterock's Riverside Campground. Bring your canoe or kayak or rent one of ours. The route takes 2+ hours on average but you can do do it faster.


Fire building will be the final challenge of the day but will require thought and preparation during the rest of your challenges. The goal is to burn through a section of bailing twine stretched across a fire ring 18 Inches from the ground in 30 minutes or less.


One personal non-combustable starting kit will be allowed for this challenge, but you must collect your kindling and other materials during your journey. The personal item must be declared and available for inspection at the final checkpoint.


Your time will be multiplied, then subtracted from your moving time for final scoring.